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When your child needs a little extra practice, start here for some related worksheets on topics from word problems to arithmetic.

Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving publishes excellent resources for the motivated mathematics student. They have books, online classes, and periodic problem “jams.” If you are already good at problem solving, this is the best place to develop those skills even further.

Ask Dr. Math

Do you have a math question to which you can’t find the answer? Ask Dr. Math! From elementary through high school, questions are archived for you to look at and learn from.

BBC Games

Does your child need some extra work on multiplication skills, telling time, or solving alebraic equations? From the British Broadcasting Company, you’ll find all sorts of games on almost any topic for any age student. If you need a refresher yourself, especially for high school math topics, you’ll find it here as well.


Monday is math day at ClickSchooling, which searches the Net to bring you one, terrific educational website each day.

Count Us In

Simple animated games will help young children understand basic math concepts such as counting, comparison, and volume.

Education Place’s Math Center

Here you’ll find extra problems, brain teasers, and activities to build skills for elementary and middle school children.

Enchanted Learning

Here you’ll find simple lessons, worksheets, and activity on a variety of topics. If you’re looking for ways to enrich your math lessons, you are almost certain to find some ideas here.

Figure This

On this site, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has lots of fun ideas for families to do math together.

Flyby Math

Does your middle school student ever wonder what’s the use of those distance/rate/time problems? Air traffic contollers use this formula all the time! Try these activities and see.


Here you’ll find lots of math games to master facts from place value and multiplication to fractions and percents.

Geometry Step by Step

Traditional geometry content is combined with music, animation, and philosophy on this intriguing site from Land of the Incas.

* Homefires ezine*

This online homeschooling journal has a wealth of information for all homeschoolers. New homeschoolers will gain confidence in their adventure. Experienced homeschoolers will gain fresh ideas. Being part a community of home educators keeps all of us focused on our vision for our kids.

* Internet Classroom*

If your child needs some extra practice, you’ll find some good work sheets under the math section of the appropriate grade level.

MacTutor History of Mathematics

This a comprehensive collection of the history of mathematics. With biographies of over 1000 mathematicians, numerous math topics, as well as the development of mathematics in different cultures, you’ll find the answer to almost any math history question you have.

Math Cats

This site is a sure way to make math fun for your elementary students. From classical games to current events, this site will catch your child’s interest and keep it.

Math Dictionary for Kids

If you are looking for a kid-size explanation of a math term, this is the place! Over 500 common math terms are explained in a fun, animated, and interactive way.

Math Here and Now

When you are discussing current events with your kids, click here to include some math related topics.

Math Moves U

If your child needs some extra motivation to do those math problems, click here to see celebrities using mathematics and to earn some cool prizes for doing math yourself.

MAA Math Games

For the advanced mathematics student who is interested in analyzing games and learning new ones, this is the website to go to! From hex to sudoku, from mazes to multiplication, from polyhedra to primes, these links will take your learning in new directions.

Looking for a refresher for yourself, review for your kids, or problems to challenge you both? You’ll find it here!

Math Kangaroo

Math Kangaroo, an international contest for 2nd through 12th graders, is just beginning to gain popularity in the United States. While there may not yet be a testing site near you for 2006, past contest problems are posted and are an excellent resource available right now.

MATHCOUNTS Preparation

Whether or not you participate in the middle school MATHCOUNTS program, this site is a terrific resource. Use the problems to broaden your math skills and your problem solving skills. If you need work on a certain area, you can specify only to be given problems of that type. The student who can’t find enough problems to solve will be delighted. Those who need to see progress in a certain area will be satisfied as well.

Mathematical Reflections

High school and undergraduate students, who want to be exposed to more mathematics, will find some engaging articles here. The journal not only provides further opportunities to develop problem solving skills, but also encourages individual mathematical discovery and submission of those findings.

Mathematics Lessons that are Fun! Fun! Fun!

From counting to calculus, fibonacci to fractals, you’re sure to find learning math fun at this site.


Experience the beauty and utitlity of mathematics by hearing, seeing and doing math. This website has engaging activities for all ages.

Math Words

This website if a great complement to any secondary curriculum. It defines math terms a high school student might be curious to know. Definitions are given in straightforward, interactive ways which are easily understood.


This is the first place I click when I have a math question. For simple and complex questions, Mathworld provides clear, concise definitions supported by helpful examples. From the makers of Mathematica, this site is one you’ll refer to again and again.


If your child needs extra work on multiplication, this provides lots of practice in the context of a space game. As you answer multiplication problem after multiplication problem, you gain the resources to drive a spaceship through missions in the solar system.

Noah’s Sheets

Looking for a quick summary of mathematical relationships and formulas? Noah’s sheets are the best. Compiled by Noah Rosenberg when he was a student Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy" over 10 years ago, they are still widely used by advanced high students today.

Soma Cube Central

You can purchase a soma cube puzzle such as Color Cube – Crafted in the USA
or ThinkFun Block By Block and enjoy hours of puzzling over it even after it’s solved. Perhaps though you would you rather build your own? You can also make one with the instructions on this website. Do you like to study different challenges? There are many puzzles to consider related the soma cube. You’ll find plenty here. Do you want some interesting ways to review geometry? There are a series of geometry problems here to.

Daily Sudoku for Kids

When we first discovered sudoku puzzles, our big kids were solving them in all their free moments. Catching their excitment, our younger ones were eager to get in on the action. This website has free sudoku puzzles for the little guys!


Sudoku puzzles use numbers, but they are really logic problems. It’s a fun way to build confidence in people who think they “can’t do” number problems. We’ve had friends, who didn’t think they would like anything to do with numbers, leave our home elated as they declared, “I did it!” If you’d rather not have to find them online, consider a sudoku book such as Sudoku Easy to Hard Presented by Will Shortz, Volume 2: 100 Wordless Crossword Puzzles.

The Math Page

This is a great place to develop basic math skills. If you want a good introduction to topics in trig, or precalc, or calculus you’ll find what you need right here. You can also find complete online courses in arithmetic, algebra and geometry.


Here you will find the latest research, ideas, and books on caring for our little ones and finding the best educational alternatives for them.

Virtual Manipulatives

For kindergartener through high school senior, here you’ll find manipulatives to help learn any level of mathematics. Whether you need help with addition, spatial visualization, or data analysis, here you’ll find related manipulatives and suggested activities. This is a comprehensive website with engaging activities for all ages.

Virtual Polyhedra

Wonder what a rhombic dodecahedron is? Want a clear picture of an icosahedron? Question what do those names mean? Explore the fascinating and elegant world of polyhedra.

What’s Special About This Number?

Have you ever heard of amicable numbers, vampire numbers, or strobogrammatic numbers? Expand your knowledge of numbers as you learn about these and many more! At this website, something special is given about all the whole numbers from 0, the additive identity, to 9999, a Kaprekar number.

This is, the website built on our belief that learning is naturally fun. With the right expectation and approach, anyone can enjoy learning. But since each of us is unique, we each must find our own best way to learn. We know that we have found our way when learning is fun.

Here you will find books, products, and ideas that our family has used to make learning fun for each one of us. We hope that it encourages you to find your own way to have the fun of learning.