Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry (The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project)

Scott Foresman & Co
Sharon L. Senk, Steven S. Viktora, Zalman Usiskin, Nils P. Ahbel, Virginia Highstone, David Witonsky, Rheta N. Rubenstein, James E. Schultz, Margaret Hackworth, John W. McConnell, Dora Aksoy, James Flanders, Barry Kissane

Can students really enjoy statistics and trigonometry? With this book, the answer is yes! With clear presentation of material as well as the development of good applications, students will learn to appreciate these branches of mathematics. The photos entice the reader to learn more. Even reluctant students can be drawn in by the clear descriptions and intriguing applications. As with all UCSMP secondary texts, topics are presented in clear ways so that students can teach themselves. Students understand why they are using certain procedures before they practice using them. Other books in the series include {book transition-mathematics}, {book ucsmp-algebra}, {book ucsmp-geometry}, {book ucsmp-advanced-algebra},and {book uscmp-precalculus-and-discrete-mathematics}.

Topic: math
Age Level: secondary
You'll use it: daily

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