Geometry (University of Chicago School Mathematics Project)

Pearson Prentice Hall
Zalman Usiskin, Daniel Hirschhorn, Arthur Coxford

Geometry, perhaps most obviously artistic branch of mathematics, is presented here in a visual, tactile way. With little emphasis on proofs, students are given a clear understanding of relationships and connections between shapes and solids. The more rigorous math student may find it helpful to combine this work with the proofs in Jacob's Geometry. Still this text offers a thorough understanding of topics, applications, and problem solving. As with all UCSMP secondary texts, topics are presented in clear ways so that students can teach themselves. Students understand why they are using certain procedures before they practice using them. Other books in the series include {book transition-mathematics}, {book ucsmp-algebra}, {book ucsmp-advanced-algebra}, {book functions-statistics-and-trigonometry}, and {book uscmp-precalculus-and-discrete-mathematics}.

Topic: math
Age Level: secondary
You'll use it: daily

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