Can you recommend a good geometry textbook?

Sunday, July 16, 2006
<div style='float:right; margin-left: 20px'><a href="/book-review/geometry-third-edition-seeing-doing-understanding"><img src=""/></a></div> <p>For those who want a rigorous geometry text with plenty of theory, applications, proofs and problems, <a href="/book-review/geometry-third-edition-seeing-doing-understanding">Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding</a> is the ideal text book.</p> <p>For those who aren&#8217;t as strong in math, but want to complete a college prep geometry course, the <a href="/book-review/ucsmp-geometry">Geometry (University of Chicago School Mathematics Project)</a> is probably a better choice. The University of Chicago materials are written for a broad audience. Each section provides material for students to read on their own. This is followed by questions on the reading and more related problems. Upon opening the book, you will notice at once that there is a lot more writing in these books than in other math texts. It is easy to use and understand. <span class="caps">UCSMP</span> Geometry is colorful, full of interesting applications, and covers the required content for a high school course.</p> <p>For a problem solving approach, be sure to also look at <a href="/book-review/introduction-to-geometry">Introduction to Geometry</a>.</p>

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